luni, decembrie 10, 2007

Spa Tickets

Picture of the day in Romania Libera (national newspaper) ->link here
First page in Gandul (national newspaper) ->link 1 here ->link 2 here
A link from the agency Mediafax Foto ->link here
And photo of the week on the agency ->link here
A woman breaks through a line of gendarmes who try to preserve the order in front of the Pension House in Valcea, December 10, 2007. Over one thousand pensioners waited in line in front of the Pension House in Valcea to enroll on a list of beneficiaries of spa treatment tickets.. ANDREI MOISE / MEDIAFAX FOTO

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Eugen Belivac spunea...

Felicitari pentru publicarea imaginilor in cotidianele centrale!

Laurentiu Nica spunea...

superba serie!

Catalin Pobega spunea...

excelent mers !